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Glimmers of Hope

 I've previously "resolved" to live my year out 1) in freedom, 2) with more joy.  This year I think I "resolve" to live in faith{Don't you love that non-commital "I think I 'resolve'"}.  Not sure what that looks like yet - but thought I'd give it a whirl.  My previous years' resolves proved a useful reminder, particularly when I was living contrary to plan. 
And the Simple Christmas plan went over super-well!  We had to do nothing, go nowhere, and clean not a dish; just the way we like it!  {Not that we didn't, promise Mom!}  We caught a candle-light Christmas eve service, strolled down the street for a casual visit with friends, sled down the mountain and decoded our respective technological devices.  Took some serious will-power to stick to the Simple Christmas plan, however, as pressures continued to fire at us from all sides.
Here, and perhaps more importantly, are a few things I've abandoned for '10:
- balance - who needs balance to rule when we've been blessed with passion!
- perfection - kill the super-whatevers that rule my world.  {The supermom was dead a while ago, out of pure necessity.} But there are more supers inhabiting my world and yet to be conquered.
- obligation - I continue to unpack this one, related to the above.  I've been a bit of a slave, without knowing it, to what I think others' think I should be doing.  I don't like shoulds.  I renounce shoulds.  Freedom is so much a nicer way to live, don't you think?
What do you resolve this year?  Please share!
Here's wishing you all greatness in '10, however you define it!  And thank you FRESHcouples, FRESHfam's and FRESHfans for making 2009 such a stellar work year.  I've thought of all of you throughout the year.
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