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FRESHwedd; kylee . ben

This is Kylee.  Aren't I lucky?
She was the final FRESHbride of  '09; have I shared how much I adore my brides?  I mean, the things they do {visiting laundromats, walking barefoot down grungy alleyways, laying in fields of daisies} and the faith they place in my hands is quite over-whelming.  Ben and Kylee's faith runs tres deep.  It was quite special to see two people love each other and love God, together.
If there were an award, however, Kylee would win most hearty.  Not only did this former National speed skater and current National mountaineer brave the great Fernie outdoors - strapless, in a modified mermaid gown - but she demonstrated a tremendous heart for others.  She had numerous gifts for her bridal party and mom which included personal engraved messages such as Daisy chains are forever for her maid of honor/childhood best friend.   
Need I mention she's also a knock-out with great style?  Loved the  peacock accessories tying the event together.  A big thanks to the Fernie Elk View Lodge who hosted Kylee and Ben's reception which included a pasta bar, the FRESHphotobooth and a little party jumpin on the bed - what fun! 
Blessings you two; and a beautiful new life together.