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lady gaga's 4eyes

"For the segment, we consulted the experts at Fabulous Fanny’s, an amazing vintage eyewear store in Manhattan, where — rumor has it — Lady Gaga sources her specs.

Even if you wear contacts, you’ll want a bespectacled look after you see the awesome selection. To visit Fabulous Fanny’s online shop, go to" -

As one who wears eye-glasses, although I favor contacts most days, I can appreciate a good vintage eye-glass shop and fitting tips.  SEE HERE for LINK to vintage 4-eyes.  So sweet! I recall my first funky frames.  We were in our Lisa Loeb phase when I spied me some old man's bifocals [without the split lens - I'm not that much of a dork!]

that's Lisa, not me
But lately, it's been all contacts, all the time.  Maybe if I had another cute pair, I'd go back to 4eyes?  And what happened to Lisa anyway?
[More about FRESH's Beautiful Woman Project coming soon!  I promise you girls.]