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FRESHkids; 3-ring circus

So fun! These cute specimens [Leif, 6, Gus, 4 & Signe, 2] are visiting their favorite ski-town from the very flat, but lovely, Saskatchewan. I love how their mother, and I quote, "felt nausiated committing" to our photo-shoot, lest it be a 3-ring circus. I assured her I have a 6 and 4yr old and, yes, it would be a circus and that meant we were going to have fun!
The kids didn't disappoint.  I couldn't stop staring at their mesmerizing eyes.  Little Signe is a porcelain dolly; Gus is just edible; and Leif, well, watch out, this one's got some serious presence, at the tender age of 6!  
Thanks kids, for our time together; glad you let me in on the show!