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--When even one of us shines in the world, it lights the way for the rest of us.-- The Artists' Way.

Friends of ours recently got engaged and showed off their ring, above, over dinner.  I find it so inspiring that couples are literally crafting their own wedding experience, beginning with the ring, and thought you might benefit from their light.
Historically, "the circle has always had significance in ancient cultures as a symbol of wholeness and of perfection. Its endlessness is the perfect symbol of oneness and unity without beginning that has no beginning or end. It is also ... represents holiness, perfection and peace... Ancient Northerns believed that a lover's knot was a symbol of love, faith, and friendship. The knot was formed out of the hair of the beloved, woven into a knot that was then worn as a ring."  See here for exerpt and more.
Although this one's not made of a beloved's hair, it is made by the hands of one Mike for his beloved Stephanie.  He crafted this piece of art from Black Walnut and Eucalytpus wood with a turquiose inlay and personal inscription.
I have, in the past, believed that art was impractical.  It's taken me a while to figure out its inherant value and its absolute necessity.   And here is proof of the value of art in the life of a new relationship and the beginning of a forever.   Congratulations friends; may your forever be as beautiful as your ring.