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coloring outside lines

Color Me Katie, click here and see below, inspired me to simply DO something.  I have so many ideas that never get taken out of my pocket.  I got tired of this last week and took my 4yr old boy to a neighboring town and handed out gifts to unsuspecting women.  They were sweet little gift boxes filled with cinnamon hearts and lip gloss - hence, the women targets - same vein as The Beautiful Woman Project.   It's not "artsy" like Color Me Katie, but it was DOING something spontaneous.  As an added bonus, it was teaching my little boy about something I want him to figure out for life: giving without expectation. 
Our little pursuits found us confronting, among others, a mentally challenged young woman who had a difficult time accepting anything for herself.  Two elderly ladies taking a leisurly stroll downtown who patted my boy on the head in earnest.  And a middle-aged woman who was so startled she didn't know what to do with herself.  Turned out to be quite the social experiment!
But you know this couldn't happen without the token pessimism.  The meter lady had to add "I sure hope you're teaching him about taking from strangers too," she said, waging her finger at my smiling boy.  [A suitable temperment for someone giving out tickets for a living, I suppose.]  But nope, meter-lady, that's not todays lesson!  That's what every other day is for.
I've recently been inspired by this, somewhat juvenile, but inspiring creative:
"Katie Sokoler AKA Color Me Katie is a specialist at working with strangers. Inspired by a college project in which the then shy Katie was forced to photograph 100 strangers in 5 hours, she has since eschewed using models to stage shoots, preferring instead to promote human interaction through her work and capture the results of humans in their natural habitat....when mixed with fantasy or fun. In both her recent projects, the Brooklyn Thought Bubble Project and the Shadow Project, Katie stages creative traps and lies in wait to capture special moments on camera. We follow her through her process and ask why she makes interaction her art."
Here is a Color Me Katie mini documentary:
I'm thinking about trying the: photographing 100 people in 5hrs, next.  What are you going to DO today?