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podcasts, mozart and the winter olympics

Success is not wealth and power but, rather, how many shiny eyes are around us
 - Benjamin Zander, classical pianist
 I've been mourning the loss of Professional Development since leaving the field of teaching.  Moving to a tres small town didn't help matters on the inspiration-front.  I just love being ramped up, inspired and set out into the world to do likewise.  But, datdatdatda ... I discovered the world of podcasts... and for you other mothers out there, earphones.
 First it was food for the soul with Joyce Meyers who is like a mother, nay, mother-in-law, who calls it as she sees it.  I also love to peruse my mentor photographers' blogs such as Sarah Rhoads where I get both mental and photo-food.  From there I inadvertantly ran into another series of podcasts, Ted; Ideas Worth Spreading.  I just love the idea of listening to wisdom rather than the idiot-box while I'm photo-editing my day away.  Don't know why it took me so long to figure this out.   I'd love to get your sources for life-enriching podcasts so drop them in "comments" pretty please.
This installment, inspired by the FRESH Beautiful Woman Project and brought to you by Sarah Rhoads and Benjamin Zander, is about passion.
Rhoads here states, "If there is one thing that all successful people seem to have in common it is passion.

Passion is what sets apart the exceptional from the mediocre. The good from the great. Passion is what keeps you working all hours of the night when you are too tired to even think straight. It is doing things that might be tedious because you see the BIGGER PICTURE.
People with a passion for something embrace the hustle and the hard work because there is something deep within them that knows without a doubt this is what they are supposed to be doing.... they have conviction. When people have passion, hard work doesn't feel like "hard work," rather, it's exciting, stimulating, exhilarating and even fun.
... The truth is that [while] most people are okay with having mediocrity in their life, [p]assionate people will NEVER settle with anything less than their best most exceptional work. That is why passionate people continue to stand out from the pack. That is why passionate people get noticed. That is why passionate people and business' thrive."
Zander, classical pianist and enthusiastic TED-speaker might call that one-buttock living.  Quite simply, it's living with such passion and conviction that it leaves one on the edge of their seat.  He suggests we stop thinking about every line along the way, for it is about vision.  Like how a "bird flies above the field, not bothering about the fences underneath."
With the advent of the 2010 Winter Olympics in my home-town, it brings to mind the slogan of the '06 Olympics in Tourin, Italy: Passion Lives Here. So - whether it be photography or classical music or, perhaps, the luge - our best work is fueled by passion.
And how many shiny eyes are around you.