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Never give up an opportunity to see beauty, for beauty is God's hand-writing - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Wow; really blown away with your stories that have come to light from Beauty School.  Women that participated and those that simply shared their stories of discovery.  We're talking about commemorating:
*milestone 50th birthday
*gift to self
*freedom from an addicted partner
*fourth pregnancy
*terminally ill mother's gift to family
*reformed eating disorder
Deep stuff!
I add this, not to reduce womens' live to a label, but to share that we each have a story worth sharing. This journey may have led us to an unexpected place, but it is more meaningful than we dared dream! Thank you make-up artist extraordinaire Emily Kjelshus, assistant Sheena Witter and Beauty School with whom I journeyed.  Your lovely presence helped craft the evening into the great experience that it was.
Sometimes we women are reluctant to celebrate our own beauty, or even to recognize it in the first place.  Lies about beauty ie: Photoshop-ing models, narrow definitions, and the objectification of women, seem to be more prevalent than truths.  And they can make us nervous, questioning "why don't I look like that?"  Thankfully, with age, comes wisdom and the lies are easier to discern from the truth about beauty. 
And Beauty School participants, you've left me no choice than to host more BSchools in the future; I'm sold!

*Private BSchool parties are made available with 4person min. and make for a perfect stagette or birthday party.  FRESH leaves the interprettation to individual but encourages women to bring several wardrobe changes, including lingerie.  You might just surprise yourself!