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The is Kris; isn't she a adorable?
What I look forward to most about getting back to 'the big city' where I'm from is not the shopping or even the spring that arrives months earlier but the lovliness of familiar faces.  Being in a different and small town, I long to spend time with people who have known me for years and enjoy conversation that is other than an explanation of 'who I am'.  These people know me.  These people love me - in spite of my quirks - and I them.
It's just comfortable being around long-time friends; I miss that.   So it was a dream to shoot my former church family over Spring Break.  
The weather always makes me nervous while shooting on the coast.  Now that I'm in the Kootenays, we've shed the rain gear for snow boots.  Thankfully, the weather held until we were driving away from our shoot.  Then the rain. 
Thank you Albion family, for spending the afternoon with me.  And thanks to those who prayed for good weather!