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escape route

Today I am running away.  Yep, I've been scheming and dreaming and today's the day to put my escape route into action.  I am running away because:

 - I made THREE dinners last night and no one bothered to finish ONE
- Hubby's working overtime so won't know until it's too late
- my daughter and son got in trouble at school on same day
- I dream of reading an entire novel in my charming bathtub but I barely make 5min's before I pass out
- we got to dreaming of "alone time" at a "hen party" where someone mentioned Madrid - or the Maldives - before another mentioned, if alone, her unfinished basement would suffice
- I've nearly forgotten what to do when I'm by myself
- some days I don't even notice the delicate spread of freckles on my sons' nose
- I disciplined out of anger ... again
- facebook is my friend

Because my kids will be cared for and I don't even have to pay for it; thank God for extra-long birthday parties!