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go play outside

It's what we mothers' are shouting outside every door-frame this side of the world: Go Play Outside!  We have definately turned a corner.  Since here in the Kootenays, we have more like two seasons, we're already enjoying summer temps.  It's doing wonders for my mental state since I took my own motherly advice.
Speaking of mental, this is what I found on my excursion the other day - the kind of television I grew up with - can you believe it was being thrown out?  Of course I had to take it with me on my "escape route" to the forest and beyond.  It was quite an interesting exercise - one which gained the attention of many a motorist, including local police.  But with camera in hand, I seem to become what my hubby deems - the artist - and people excuse all kinds of lunacy.  Including racing down the highway to pick up a random television placed on the yellow line before the semi-truck gets there first.
I'm looking forward to including my new find here on a concept shoot in the near future.  Not that I need an excuse, 'cause artist, right?
Now unplug and Go Play Outside!