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vancouver; land of contrasts

My hometown, Vancouver, is a land of contrasts: sea & sky, birds & bridges, sunny & soggy, mountain peak & ocean beach.  Since I have moved away and can see it through the lens of tourist, it has grown to become a thing of beauty  &  ... something else. 
Friends and family, the city-scape and access to your every whim, whenever, is quite beautiful.  Yet the traffic, crime and access to your every whim, whenever, can be quite ... unsightly.  I found myself wanting wanting wanting [this pair of boots, that handbag...] and had to re-focus on visiting, on people, on relationship.  And then I remembered the difficulties of living in the city.  There are boutiques and designer drinks to help "fill you up" with every twinge of lonliness or moment of questioning or second of stillness. 
Or maybe that was/is just my personal struggle.
Regardless, it has been good to have all of that stripped away for me.  I'm weak - when it's there, like chocolate - I become a consumer.  I've found it's easier to limit my access.  And here I am, back in the land of the limited - no boutiques no designer drinks - and I am back to confronting myself, uncomfortable as that may be.  And realizing that I'm not limited but FREE to pursue the true Carmen and authentic relationship without the limitations of the city - noise pollution - in whatever form that takes.
Do you appreciate the beauty of where you are at?