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lifestyle: country picnic - julie & girls

Nature might be the best prop, but it's still fun to play!
Our vintage picnic was a perfect theme for Julie & girls' lifestyle session out at their cabin in the country.  What girl doesn't enjoying eating strawberries on a plaid blanket, perched on a hillside?
Julie is a card carrying country girl with guts and grit to prove it.   She parks her own RV and helps with cabin renovations.  She's never been one to shy away from a struggle. 
One such struggle has been losing her father too early to cancer.  [My own father, and dear family friend, walked Julie down the aisle at her Kelowna wedding.]  But clearly her father is in her!  He is in her lovely dark complexion and boisterous personality.  Her love for the outdoors and affinity for cowboy hats. 
He is in her heart as clearly she was in his.
Also dear to her heart are darling daughters Savy and Paige. It is clear that these little beings hold her heart-strings.  Any time together and they'll steal yours as well.
Thanks Jules, for letting me capture a day-in-the-cabin life and for our rare and special weekend together.  Our families are forever intertwined.