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Mike and Steph live, love and laugh with an honesty that makes you instantly comfortable in their presence.  There is an ease and a charm about their love: completely intentional and still completely smitten.   It was such a pleasure to be able to share a late afternoon in fields and forest with these two [three, if you count Steph's horse Gringo].  Nature is the best prop.
It also makes a mean ring!  See Mike's hand crafted ring made of Black Walnut and Eucalytpus wood with turquiose inlay and a personal inscription here.
I love the way Mike & Steph look at each other and laugh.  I love the way they respect each other and listen to every word without correcting the other person in conversation.  I love the way they are absolutely themselves, together.
Their wedding - late May - will undoubtedly reflect their shared love for nature here in the mountains,  friends and family, and - most importantly - each other; all of which they credit as a gift of God.  I can't wait to be a guest at their wedding.  And I probably can't keep myself from grabbing a few captures.
This is what love does to me.
And her intense blue eyes and freckles don't help.