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my fair lady; nicole's bridals I

My Fair Lady, a musical based upon George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion, is about a Cockney flower girl who takes speech lessons in order to pass as a lady.  Her ultimate test is to be in the presence of the king without revealing her true identity. 
I remember when we first got married [albeit young]; we felt as though we were playing house.  Even now I sometimes feel as though I couldn't possibly be old - or mature - enough to be a mother!
Well, we could not have orchestrated the connections that came together for this first installment of Nicole's bridals.  A friend that accompanied Nicole told us before our shoot, that Nicole was not an overly "girly-girl".  More of a tomboy in fact [see chipped blue toenail polish] and somewhat nervous about our session.   But wardrobe and makeup turned out to be our version of speech lessons - transforming a former flower girl into a heads-turning lady!
With inspiration from "the perfect musical", Nicole's bridals became "the perfect shoot" with hair, makeup and location colors ablaze.  A true transformation of outer beauty but, more importantly, inner confidence.  You're a stunning lady Nicole!

concept & styling - FRESH

makeup - Emily Kjelshus
assistant - Sadie