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feel sun from both sides: mike.steph married!

To love and to be loved
is to feel the sun from both sides - David Viscott

I got to be a guest at a wedding!  It's been a while since Jim & I have been in the "marrying crowd".  But friends Mike and Steph - whom you may remember from their FRESHe here - invited us to their ultra-personal nuptials starting with the ring [see ring here]. 
The hand-carved ring set the tone for this couple's wedding plans.  They remained true to their love of earthy hues and all things unfussed and natural.  The couple crafted their invitations out of  a variety of materials including sewn bark and leather.  They also branded their own tree "cookie" favors in the shapes of local wildlife.  Both are originally from the prairies - an influence that found its way onto the tables with mason jars of seeds - so clever!  Steph also made the feather boutonnieres which perfectly echoed their colors and hand-beaded her own waistband on her wedding dress.   And Mike constructed the bark-covered, cross-topped steeple on site just a few days beforehand. 
This is what happens when two artists get married!
[Do I mention Mike trying to dye his slacks just hours before the ceremony?- naaa]
Thankfully, the unseasonable rain subsided long enough to exchange vows and shed a few tears during their personal vows.  It was such a joy to witness your absolute bliss Mike and Steph!  We treasure your friendship and wish you rich blessings for married life. 

[You'll see more of best-man Jon when he marries his Kate this summer.]