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the big city; spokane

I love perusing the historical districts of Spokane. There's the Victorian neighborhoods of Browne's Addition, where I drive like a granny on a Sunday afternoon, looking for inspiration for my own heritage home.  [So many plans!] The Art Deco area of the Garland district where I discovered the theatre sign and laundromat. And the Warehouse district to name a few.
It's such a great exercise to extend yourself creatively, whether that be shooting outside of your genre or picking up an entirely different medium.
The medium is the message, after all.
Marshall McLuhan suggested, in Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, that a medium affects the society in which it plays a role not only by the content delivered over the medium, but also by the characteristics of the medium itself*.  It makes perfect sense, then, to challenge ourselves outside of our chosen medium.
But challenge doesn't always come naturally.  It's so much nicer and fluffier an existance to stay with what one knows best and what one has proven best at.  I am particularly guilty of the latter.  I grew up with siblings who stuck to our domain, never imposing on another sib's territory lest you prove not to be as good at it.
So I have a photo-date with a friend.  We're soon headed for a day of photojournalism in Nelson - a place notorious for beautiful architecture, landscape and colorful characters.   Great exercise for my upcoming wedding season!
I'll let you know if I decide to pick up a paintbrush. 
* Wikipedia - The medium is the message