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I see who I want to be, in my daughter's eyes. - Martina McBride

Think pink: pink roses, pink baby, pink bike.  Jackie is already feelin' the "pretty" since 11-day-old Danika was born.  [She may have reached 7lbs by her photo-shoot.] Her first,  a 3 yr old boy, Marshall.
Jackie and I share a few things in common.  For starters, we both had preemie babies first, which made the second birth seem entirely smooth and uncomplicated.  And second, we've had both a boy-and-girl baby.  I can relate to the feelings of boy-vs-girl.  When my daughter was born, I was offended by the baby "love-matches".  But before I left the hospital with my boy,  I was joking about visiting his "girlfriend". 
What did I just do?
Congratulations Dan & Jackie, on your "pink baby".  May she bring much joyful singing, dancing and color into your home.  How blessed is she to have you and now big brother Marshall!  We look forward to watching her grow you as her parents.