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Things that upset a terrier may pass virtually unnoticed by a Great Dane
Smiley Blanton

Joanna, a decorator in Vancouver, chose a bold color palette of charcoal and citrus - lemon, lime and orange - for her August nuptials in a Nelson park setting.   I was inspired by her choices and jewellery collection and knew, before she walked in the door, that I would enjoy the person behind it all! 
She chose Green Wedding Shoes [I love that wedding site], custom ordered an asymmetrical necklace, and was as bold and upbeat as her color choice.  [Check out those lime spider mums!] As noticeable as her sunny details, however, her smile shone brighter.  And her new husband could not have adored her more!  
Besides beautiful friends, a few 4-legged friends found their way to the party.  The wedding rings were tied to a stuffed frog, a playful homage to Eric's French heritage.  And Rosie, their Great Dane, was more arm candy for the handsome couple.   It's hard not to be a spectacle when a bride is walking a small horse through downtown.  Fun!
I just adore how FRESHbrides, including Joanna, have chosen FRESH specifically for its' style.  They trust the whens and wheres and hows of the photographic process.  They trust that they'll love what is captured.  They can, thereby, enjoy their day to the fullest which definitely shows through their images.  It's cyclical. 
We're having such a great season; and we're only half way through.  Thanks for following us thus far.  And thanks to Eric and Joanna for planning and caring and trusting and loving and letting go.  You were wonderful!

assistant Kevin Blaskovich