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Kootenay Wedding Photographer; larica . graham, kimberley

Larica and Graham are the kind of people that frame photos of their friends, family and entire guest list for their reception decor.  They are the selfless kind, whose wedding plans revolve around their guests.  They are the kind of unassuming people who commission home-made cherry pie over a tiered wedding cake.  
And they are kind.
Unfortunately, the weather was not. 
September wasn't acting it's usual self; it was chilly and wet in the Kootenays when it is regularly an extention of summer.  Although the weather may not have complied, Larica and Graham remained unfettered, of course.   They sported umbrellas, coordinated with their red footwear [patten pumps for her, Converse for him] and a denim blazer for the bride.  Their fun attire further inspired us to shoot-outside-the-box for our pre-ceremony session in Kimberely.  We headed to some colorful spots downtown and a warm, dry, lovely haven in the form of The Guilded Goat and shared some laughs in the laundromat with the locals.  Here is a black, white and red compilation to start;  more Larica and Graham to come.  Wait til you see her gorgeous ring!