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Kootenay Wedding Photographer; larica & graham III

I've got a busy post III for you here and I still feel like there is so much more to share about this couple.  Larica and Graham planned an eclectic, home-grown BC affair from their Alberta address.  A garage in a new family home between Cranbrook and Kimberley was constructed with L&G's wedding reception in mind, complete with deep red walls and a classy black & white checked floor. 
Using the new home as their venue, generous amounts of their budget went towards photography and food.   FRESH thinks it's such a great idea to pick your priorities and spend accordingly.  One year later, are people more likely to rave about your choice of chair covers or your five course meal?  The aisle runners or your boutique wedding album? 
The fabulous food, catered by Allegra, Cranbrook, was brilliantly presented and highly memorable.  We're still salivating over the salmon appetizer, tomato basil soup and sizeable portions!  And L&G topped off the evening with their personal choice of home-made cherry pie.
Theirs was also the only wedding I've ever witnessed, where guests sat down with the groom for a hand of cards.  What an idea; or maybe this was impromptu - just the way this couple roles. [The nude Burt Reynolds screen saver behind groom is also testament to their sense of humor.  This party definately had their fun in the FRESH Photobooth!]
And at the end of it all, the showers subsided long enough for G to serenade his bride at sunset. Isn't he a handsome Sting look-alike?  My friend Katie would go crazy over G: Sting looks, guitar strumming, converse-wearing...
He's a married man Katie, a happily married man! 
All the very best Larica and Graham.  You are an outstanding couple, inside and out.