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Kootenay Wedding Photographer, Nelson; catherine . darcy

Oh Blaylock's, how do I love thee ...
Catherine and Darcy planned an elegant affair amidst the manicured gardens of Nelson's Blaylock mansion.  The mid September air was crisp, the leaves just turning, the orchestra inviting and the love palpable.   
It was adorable how the couple couldn't help but spend their separate prep time texting each other pre-ceremony.

Light draped the sunroom where the girls prepped and the bride text.  I find the essence of the day is detectable the minute I'm reunited - or sometimes united for the first time - with the bride on her wedding.   And this room was bright, cheerful and calm.  I so admire a woman who can meet her man with calm confidence on her wedding day. Not everything may go according to plan, yet the grand plan - a lifelong union - still begins, now.  How one enters this union, I've come to believe, speaks volumes about how one will walk in said union, daily.
[I still maintain that day-before-freak-outs don't count.  I may, or may not have had one myself!]
The location, coupled with the bride, groom and their lovely attendants score a win for us!  It was also quite moving to see the groom's cousin unravel with emotion mid ceremony.   A healthy dose of reverance for the occassion.  Don't you just love love?  Make my day and join the conversation by comment/share/like.
Wait to you see us get a little irreverant with our next C&D, transportation-themed post.