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Kootenay Wedding Photographer: nicola . chad II

Nicola and Chad have a self-assured kind of love.  One that is so secure and tangible, you can feel it in the room.  They also possess an others'-centeredness, responsible for probing us if we would like anything throughout the day.  Really?  On your wedding day?   It completely foiled our be not seen, be not heard approach to photographing a wedding;)  But in all seriousness, N & C are just plain wonderful people, fortunate enough to find an equally positive partner to walk through this world together, smiling.
Kevin [who happened to graduate with Nicola] and I felt a part of the party, starting with nuptials in the orchard behind Angela's cozy B&B.  The B&B served as a second home to Nicola who, as a 9yr old, was measured in the door-frame with-and-without heels.  She thought it appropriate that we revisit her 9yr old markings and add the bride version with-and-without heels on her wedding day!   The faces of Nicola and Angela were captured the moment they discovered the original markings.  I was thrilled to share their moment [and the light happened to favor us as well].
Angela clearly holds great affection for Nicola, not only allowing writing on the walls, but also constructing a giant cupid's heart with the couples' initials, into her wood pile.  It's not a wonder the now Alberta-dwelling couple choose to return to Rossland to marry.  Their love for others is clearly reciprocated!
We also tried to represent Rossland, with Red often featured in the background.
Enjoy the beauty that is Nicola and Chad.  [Reception post to follow.]
assistant Kevin Blaskovich
ceremony Angela's B&B, Rossland BC