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Kootenay Photographer; gold!

Much of the time, I spend my days and nights at my home office, with my dual computer screens set in massive bay windows.  I look out at the maple leaves growing green, turning citrus, then sparse.  Although not the best of lighting for photo-editing, I work here for - as a friend says - "this girl runs on sunshine!"  And I need to watch the world to know it's still there.
Your social-media-love has also been a form of cyber-sunshine; new "likes", sharing my links and personal comments fuel what occurs behind the desk.  Thank you for shaking me from my hula-skirted, deserted-island-mentality and reminding me what matters is the here, the now. 
And that I am supported.
Another source of energy and inspiration came last week when I was presented an award without knowing I was nominated.   Imagine my surprise when FRESH won Gold 2010 Readers' Choice, Best of Business Award for Photography in all of the West Kootenays.  I am humbled and honored and thrilled you think so highly of me. 
I like you too!
You've given me the extra motivation to set up a trial studio space.  Stay tuned for more information and hope you'll come see me in Rossland, the Golden City! 
Christmas is 59 days away; just sayin...
I kindly accept your award and hope to see many more of your faces in the upcoming year.  I love what I do and I'm super thrilled that you like it too!