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how big is your pumpkin?

One thing I miss about life in the Kootenays is a fun pumpkin patch outing for the family.  My firstborn, daughter Anais, was due in October.  Although she was actually born in summer one of her first outings, post intensive care, was to a pumpkin patch with Grandma. 
You should have seen her, little squash hat totally dwarfed by surrounding pumpkins.  [You've seen the image - or their equivalent - everyone has a punkin-amidst-pumpkins photo.]
But how amazing to revisit the same coastal patch, year after year, and literally measure her growth.   Stubby pigtails, teetering her way around the gourds.  First rubber boots mucking through the mud.  Siblings in jean jackets, silly-grinned sister grabbing chubby baby's neck.  Hiatus.  And we're back, visiting with Grandma [isn't she lovely?], exploring and enjoying and growing.
Ahh life; isn't growth just so beautiful?
It's not just the pumpkins that are growing. 
I was recently complimented on "stating things with grace." 
I have not let the Halloween candy win. 
I refuse to carry a family burden.
I see beauty in the rain. 
I am learning things on the intimidation list. 
I invite growing old.
I am coming home to myself,
to whom God intended me to be. That's a mighty big pumpkin.