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Kootenay Wedding Photographer; emily . kiel. castlegar

It's the American Thanksgiving.  And I'm going to borrow their holiday as a platform to celebrate my 2010 clients, each of whom I fall in love with through my lens.  I am thankful that you invited me to witness your dancing and loving and living.
But I fell hard with this shoot! 
We ended the FRESHwedd season with the big bang that is Emily & Kiel.   While FRESH is accustomed to boldness - the likes of blue wedding shoes and Geek-Chic styled bridals - bride Emily took us to new levels with tangerine gowns, techno-colored florals against nature's autumnal palette, an impromptu moped ride and a bright yellow school bus for the party's transportation. 
Friends, the boldness-bar has been re-set. 
Yet better than a new standard to top off 2010 and a flat-out stunning bride set in autumn's splendor, was Emily's generous laugh and warm smile.  The likes of which could probably charm a snake into dancing.   I know Jacob and I were smitten.
Our pre-ceremony shoot began with colorful Centennial park, Castlegar.  The air was crisp, the season inspiring, and the people beautiful.  Not a bad day at the office. 
We also traversed a river via a wee suspension bridge to Zuckerburg Island and hiked to a quaint heritage site.  And this all before the couple walked down the aisle.  Brave souls.  I think we all found it worth the effort to spend face-time with nature.  She was so very good to us in return. 
From the ceremony start, the couple could focus their attention on each other and their guests.  And we could become 1) the proverbial wall-flower, with big lenses 2) the very popular Photobooth attendant.  Thank you Jacob J, for assisting and rocking out the booth.  It was a pleasure to share the beauty with
your designer eyes.
More to come.