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kootenay wedding photographer, nelson; catherine . darcy II

Following Catherine and Darcy's elegant Blaylock garden wedding, we did something to the contrary. 
We hung out at the Queen City Classic car show. 
Darcy was supposed to be the fan of classic cars, but Catherine proved more than willing to get behind the wheel of a classic Corvette, complete with swingy-hip Elvis, and pose in front of Shelby Mustang "Smokum".  
Have to say, classic car owners are notoriously nice!  People with logo-ed leather and jogging attire hearkening far-away lands were eagar to share their "babies" with a blushing bride.
When pried away from the show and shine, we took a stroll downtown Nelson, perused some alleys and borrowed some cruiser bikes to top it all off.
Congratulations Catherine & Darcy; what a ride!
assistant, 2nd - Kevin Blaskovich
ceremony - Blaylock's mansion, Nelson
reception - Prestige Lakevide Resort, Nelson
photographer - FRESH Photography