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Baby It's Cold Outside; nolan

The FRESH Baby It's Cold Outside; Custom Kid Portrait mini studio session was a great success this past weekend.  It happened to be Rossland's Rekindle, a hoppin sale day at Delicious Baby & Toddler Boutique [thank you Angela, for your beautiful space] and a sparkly sunshiny day!  [Although, next year we'll hold our sessions in November and offer Christmas card designs as well.]
I had requested that kids come with something meaningful, like silly hat, snowboard or tutu.  So Nolan came with airplane in hand and frog-hat on head [his mom's favorite.] 
There's something so very powerful in capturing these moments in the life of a child.  Perhaps it's because they are growing and changing at hyper-speed.  Or perhaps it has to do with how very real and raw and random these little people are. 
Little Nolan cracked me up; while adjusting himself atop a pile of vintage suitcases he stated, very matter-of-fact, "Just getting comfortable."