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christmas pageant

There is something so utterly charming about kids' Christmas pageants.  The tidy hair, cacophony of color,  demonstrations of civil behavior,  proud parade waves from the stage and back.  I was overcome with emotion, in second row, thinking that each little person on stage has an audience member that thinks they are just thee best thing in the whole wide world.  I mean - hurts so good kind of love - and came just to see them jingle their bells or wag their poufy white reindeer tales. 
Technically I should have had two.  But who's counting?
The camera was a convenient shield - for hiding tears behind big-ass zoom lens.  So as I saw the kindergarten class proceed to the stage, I set up that zoom and focused on their antlered heads.  And panned their reindeer tales.  Zoomed in.  Zoomed out.  No Ryder.
Didn't feel like the stage that day. 
Teacher didn't force it; good woman. 
Heard he was a bit of a spectacle for the first concert - stopped on the street kind of "heard".  That's always good.
So insert Ryder into reindeer line-up near Gap models with matching tuque/scarf ensemble next to boy with too-short pants and glee-like enthusiasm.  Oh yeah, and Anais' in red holding her heart in her hands.
Like always.
Christmas is a time for love.