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FRESHfam; quintessential Rosslanders

I've got a special Rossland family to share.  One who stared peril in the eyes and consequently sees beauty in the everyday.  Delicate flecks of snow on eyelashes, brightly colored thread in a handmade toque, geometry of a freshly groomed trail, the sparkle of powder in sunlight.
They are the quintessential local family, one that is active, laughs and plays together.   And have more dogs than children.  They have a beautiful brown eyed six year old to chase.  And a newly nine year old with killer dimples.  He's in the ski industry; she, owner of a beloved local shop.  They are parents, like all of us, attempting to get their youngest to smile "normally".   I love that!
Life, together, is precious.  The difference for this family is, they know it.