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merry scandro christmas

Welcome to our Scandro Christmas 20/10. 
Despite girlhood, when I was distraught when childishly-painted-ceramic-girl-on-swing ornament did not make the cut for mom's shiny-red-apple-tree phase, I'm not one of those people who decorate with the same ornaments year after year.  I'm the sort that would love to re-vamp our Christmas year after year, including a few faves from the past. 
After finding vintage baubles and satin ribbon balls recently, I dreamed of a Retro 50's Christmas.   Except I couldn't talk the Mr into a white tree.  Humpfff.
And the retro bit didn't exactly incorporate into pre-owned homespun Scandinavian decor, seemlessly or otherwise.  Hence, I'm embracing my friends suggestion of a "Scandro Christmas".  Thanks Dar!   Translated, that is a Scandinavian-Retro love-affair of a Christmas. 
It was quiet & content, white & colorful, messy & reflective & indulgent. 
And it was lovely.
Soon I'll be headed to chaos and no-possible-way-to-deny the weirdness in my dna to visit fam & friends in Vancouver.  And I'm so looking forward to that too.
What kind of Christmas did you have?  I hope it was beautiful and blessed and, most importantly, real.

Thanks to Tutus & Tea Parties on Etsy for the mug cozies that were this years' friend prezies - so irresistable.