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oh christmas tree; where i live

Our Christmas tree-expedition was a finding-the-surprise-in-the-Cracker Jacks kind of day.  A day I caught myself smiling at everything.  Ryder hurled himself over a steep snowbank; I smiled.  Anais skipped down the snow-covered road; I smiled.  Aussie-the-dog raced, barked and nipped at our behinds; I smiled.  Jim was in a less-than-enthusiastic way; I smiled.
I've dreamed of this - growing up with an artificial tree and living in the city  - but the reality was better.  Much better.
It was a see-your-breath kind of cold.  With oceanic skies meeting a sea of powder-coated mountain peaks.  Trees laden with heavy new snowfall.
And as our family round the first bend in the road, the "Hallulujah Chorus" rang in my ears.  aaaaaaaw!
There, at the edge of a grove of mature evergreens was our tree.  He was perfectly small, perfectly proportioned and perfectly accessable [says the girl who did not have to saw it down!]  He was perfectly ours. 
And we returned to the sun setting over those same peaks.  Needless to say, I smiled with the realization that this is where I live.

[also thought it would be really fun if - next year - you invite FRESH to photo-narrate your tree-expedition!]