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change is

 Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine.  - Robert C. Gallagher

With a New Year comes the inevitable reflection back and consideration forward.  And, contrary to my old nature, I'm feeling lately that change is ... good! 
I actually look forward to growing in wisdom and grace.  For there is much room in both areas!  But I have not always been so keen.  To the contrary, I have spent years as reigning "Ms Safety and Security", pursuing a resume and pieces of paper that said I was important, and wearing them as sashes across my heart. 
It was all valuable
But not all necessary.
So I relate to what Anne Bogart considers "The default setting for the human brain" which "is fear, anxiety and the desire to be certain".  In other words, our default is to consider change as bad, or at best, highly suspicious.
"This propensity is largely due to habit" [read ritual and religion] "and the dangerous environment and warlike nature of the ancient world".  But since we no longer live in a warzone, our necessities are met and the world far from ancient, "... it is possible to use the elasticity of the brain to think differently."  Hmm, different; change.
Bogart adds, "Particularly for an artistic ... process, it is necessary to create the conditions in which the mind can function in its splendid multiplicity.*

Mmm; "splendid multiplicity" - that's just delicious to say out loud.  Go ahead, say it!  And as an effort to get at this splendid multiplicity of the brain, renounce the crown of safety and security and embrace change, I'm asking you - dear readers - brace yourselves ...
 ...  What is your favorite image for the FRESHblog? [Mostly new but I threw in the old, just to be sure.]  Earth shattering, I know.
But I also:
1) went out tonight
2) with a group of girls I hardly knew 
Change has to start somewhere!
I would appreciate your top 2 choices, #1-7.  And what sort of changes are you looking forward to in 20/11?
*Anne Bogart, Artistic Director SITI Company Plays