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baby photography; Finley Lynn

Wee Finley Lynn was 7 days at our shoot.  I deliberatley get the newborns  as soon as possible - since they're notorious nappers and are, by definition, not supposed to do anything but sleep and eat for the first 10 days. 
Not. Finley. 
Mama says she's had her eyes open since birth.  And sure enough, she slept not a moment of our session.  She's fiesty too.  Got to love a fiesty girl-baby; I had one myself!  Apparently little girls are more hearty at birth than their male counterparts.  We experienced this stat in real life upon meeting a little boy,  born at 31 weeks like our girl, but whom had just about every lasting complication that we could have experienced ... and didn't.  That was a difficult comparison for both mama's involved.
But here is little wrinkley Finley, strong, healthy, alert and very much adored by her parents who spend their days "Maintiens le droit" - French for - "Defending the law".   
Finley's parents are both RCMP officers.  They brought various pieces of their uniform to incorporate but my favorite is the hat image.  Precious.
Congratulations J & T!  "A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities." - Eda J. Le Shan