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and baby makes ...

As a child, and baby-loving one at that, I was thrilled when my cousin had twin babies - brunette girls with delicate little features.  I remember my big brothers and I - not so judiciously - taking turns cradling and adoring the precious little bundles in butter yellow dresses. 
A memory of all things pretty.
And last week I had the opportunity to photograph one of those bundles, all grown up and expecting her own. 
Jennifer, in healthcare, and Mike, in parks, are an attentive couple, living and loving in Yaletown.  Our session had been rescheduled, due to weather, for her 38th week.  But we found some sun as we meandered down Gastown's cobblestone roads, finding treasured nooks to tuck into.
It was such a treat to visit and shoot back "home" in Vancouver's ultra urban environment.  Such a different backdrop to work with than my current one! 
Jen, Mike, I can't wait to hear your news! 
She loves pink ... hmmm... wonder if? [And Jen, I totally "see" your twin in your reflection!]