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twin gratitude; jayden . jaxen

When I see this mama, arms full of healthy boys after a perilous start at life, I think of the following poem:
Arms Full
Gratitude means showing up on life’s doorstep,
love’s threshold, dressed in a clown suit,
rubber-nosed, gunboat shoes flapping.
Gratitude shows up with arms full of wildflowers,
reciting McKuen or the worst of Neruda.
/To talk of gratitude is to be
the fool in a cynic’s world.
Gratitude is pride’s nightmare,
the admission of humility before something
given without expectation or attachment.
/Gratitude tears open the shirt
of self importance, scatters buttons
across the polished floors of feigned indifference,
ignores the obvious and laughs out loud.
Even more, gratitude bears her breasts, rips open
her ribs to show the naked heart, the holy heart.
What if that sacred heart is not, after all, about sacrifice?
Imagine it is about joy, barefoot and foolhardy,
something unasked for, something unearned.
/What if the beat we hear, when we are finally quiet
is simply this:
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
- Rebecca Del Rio
Jeff and Shyla's twin boys, Jayden and Jaxen may be identical, but they are in entirely different weight classes.  Born early - at 33 out of 40wks - Jayden is a 3mos heavyweight with full cheeks and leg chub at 11lbs and even narrow little Jaxen's lips are thinner at 7lbs.  [Mama mentioned how funny it is that the apparent newborn is holding up his head and trying to roll over, just like his big brother!] 
And Shyla looks like she just ran a marathon!  Or could!
But already mothering 5yr old Ronnie and adjusting to the twins, Shyla describes it as "hitting the ground running" post-birth.  Thankfully for all, the baby boys are healthy and absolutely dreamy, they love to be together - skin touching - and rarely fuss.  And Ronnie has been a tremendous help, loving on his babies like only an elder brother can!
Congratulations on your multiple blessings Jeff, Shyla and Ronnie!  It was such a pleasure to meet your family and share winter's sun-drenched afternoon. 
Full arms; full heart!