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wet wool & sweet-smelling baby evan

"Young boys should never be sent to bed... they always wake up a day older."
- J.M. Barrie, Finding Neverland

Introducing, handsome 4wk old Evan! 
He was every bit as peaceful and adorable in person.  However soft and sweet-smelling he may be now, it's fun - having a 5yr old boy - to think of all the dirt-under-nails moments Evan's first-time parents are in for.
I love the depiction from That's My Son:

You hear his little feet stomping up the wooden porch steps fast as they go on a summer's afternoon.  You yell, "Don't slam the screen d-" SLAM!
"Mom!  Mom!" he hollars, so out of breath he can hardly get the words out...  You hand him a glass of water, and he attempts to drink and tell his oh-so-important story at the same time.
"Mom - GULP - I - GULP - saw - GULP, PANT, PANT - the most - GULP - biggest - GULP, PANT, PANT ..."
You smile at him and gently push the hair from his eyes, lovingly studying his countenance.  What you see causes your heart to melt like the chocolate bar he left on your dashboard in the hot sun.  His smudged face, his dirty T-shirt, and the grass-stained knees of his jeans tell you he's been on some outrageous adventure about which you can only guess.  His hair is damp with sweat, and he's got that incredible boy smell about him - one-part fresh-cut grass, one part odor of dog, one part long-lost dreams from your own childhood.  You gaze at him with love, wondering what he will be like as a man.- Rick Johnson

Congratulations Alynn and Miles, on a beautiful new adventure; there's nothing like it!  And as for the boy-smell, my mother calls it "wet wool"!