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chick party

Pardon the disruption to regularly scheduled programming - The Shack Shoot, and other people's love stories. 
Instead, we bring you, Easter.  The Greatest Love Story Ever. 
Happily, we shared an early celebration with my out-of-town parents.  For there is nothing like baking and decorating pretty cupcakes with Grandma! Over the long weekend my little family spent a leisurely day with sand between our toes, collecting pussy willows and enjoying the stunning views of Kootenay Lake.  A day that is pretty much my ideal and the best birthday a girl could want. 
There was a little yard beautification, since our snow has just recently left us.  A little egg-hunt and, just today, a splendid not-so-little Chick Party!  A friend had freshly-hatched chicks, a fuzzy bunny and yet another egg-hunt for an entire brood of children.  Yes, precisely the kind of mother that makes the rest of our efforts look slightly pathetic;)
But this mama did finish baking and decorating egg-shaped sugar cookies, although the icing was too hard by the time we attempted the ornate colored-sugar-over-template thing.  Again, slightly pathetic, but efforts none-the-less. 
Happy Easter Peeps!
May yours be less like sugared treats, treasure hunts and fake bunny appendages, and more like the new, fresh hope and life of the hatchlings.