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english teacher's boys @ beach

In a houseful of toddlers and pets, you can start out having a bad day, but you keep getting detoured. 
- Robert Brault

Beautiful Becky is a former colleague - still teaching English to punk kids - which is why she showed up sporting a gorgeous velvet blazer while I was in an over-sized knit cowl and rain boots. 
I'm not sure if I even own a blazer anymore.  
Still love those punk kids though.
Becky has two of the most challenging - and rewarding - jobs, teaching high school and raising a family.   She & Phil have made a lovely life with their boys Finn, 5, Eddie, 1.5 and new addition Bentley the Burmese Mountain dog.  
We decided on White Rock's oceanfront for this water-loving family.  And while we envisioned t-shirt and bare feet for our Spring Break shoot - Becky even confessed to loosing sleep to obsessive wardrobe planning - we got wind-breaker and wellies weather.
Ahh, life on the coast!
While little Eddie wasn't fond of the cool temps, older brother Finn was a Rockstar, frolicking in the water - yes IN the water - wading past his knees and splashing with big-puppy-Bentley.  I admire his parents for allowing their kids to be kids, no matter how inconvenient.  
Finn also surprised me with his expansive vocabulary.  Apparently he has grown up to CBC radio.  Gotta love the offspring of literary-types.
[My daughter's 'first word' was actually 2 with 3 syllables.  Not "mama" or "dada" but the dog who got first recognition from our animal-lover with, "Hi Aus-sie".  A sign of what was to come; he still commands her utmost respect!] 
Well Becky and Phil, I can't thank you enough for patiently playing in the cool winds, toweling off wet bodies, stomaching eau de wet dog, and overpaying for parking.  It was a pleasure to reconnect and get acquainted with your boys, Becky. 
All of them!