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riding tandem; sharon . kevin

There is no greater risk than matrimony.
But there is nothing happier than a happy marriage.
- Benjamin Disraeli, 1870, in letter to Queen Victoria's daughter, congratulating her on engagement.

Adding to their collections, Sharon - a graphic artist - and Kevin - a high school music teacher - committed to matching tattoos early in their relationship, to symbolize their intention not to marry. 
They are spunky,
they are sweet,
and this is their mini e.sesh
And their tattoos have come to symbolize something far different than what they originally planned.  Sharon is now selling off some of her prized shoe collection to fund all the great and lofty ideas an artist has for the design of her own wedding.
Our session took place in Elysian coffeehouse, a lovely little urban getaway on Vancouver's West Broadway, during their consultation.  They're planning to ride into their ceremony on a tandem bicycle next summer.
Oh, and I almost wore the same outfit as "the bride" for our consultation - always a sign of compatibility.