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kootenay photographer; shack shoots - bridal portraits

Joey is one lucky groom, scoring 2 gorgeous brides for our Shack Shoot and - in his words - providing his mother the only wedding pictures she'll ever see.  When he's not volunteering his rugged good looks to random photographers, he can be found: tattooing, fire fighting, bar bouncing, creating, bartending, jiu jitsu-ing, tree planting and taxidermy.  He is the kind of person whose book-jacket and novel within may not read the same way to all people. [Like the enormous, intimidating man I used to know who spoke softly and, bless his heart, always asked me about my day.] Joey is warm, he is generous with his time and steadfastly refuses to fit into prescribed cultural paradigms.  Perfect fit for our story-line, [and credits] here.