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kootenay photographer; shack shoot - makings

Take 1-Creative with ideas multiplying in the hibernating months of snow [precisely 1/2 the year where she resides and approximately 5 months past her liking].   A dormant wedding season.  Add 3-beautifully unique looking locals and a time limit, with 2 being rather nomadic.  Factor in 4-enthusiasts and professionals and professional enthusiasts.  4-vintage dresses. 1-shack, wallpapered in exchange for Greek pizza.  And you have the makings of the FRESH Shack Shoot '11.
My personal projects are growing! See HERE for past personal projects.
We comprised a story-line to keep us on track for the Shack Shoot:  The tattooed and faux-hawked wedding couple has rejected tradition and ran away, happening upon a "cabin in the woods".   There they encounter a feral-looking twosome, sisters, inhabiting the cabin.  One is to assume they, also, do not conform to social norms.  The beautifully wild sisters are happy - despite their inability to smile, given their upbringing -  to serve as wedding attendants. 
- Insert wedding cake and party here! -
[Oh and I also happened upon another chic vintage wedding dress, so we dressed a "bride" out of one of the feral sisters!]
This undertaking was more than any one person could dream.  For this reason, I would like the thank the following for their significant contributions besides FRESH - photography.  Please check out their links:
Ben - video
Tamer - make-up
Heather - feral hair
Grace - bride
Joey - groom
Ashton - bride, feral sister
Denomie - feral sister
Becky - styling
Sweet Dreams Cakery - cake
Tapestri - quilt
Clare - busy assistant
My gratitude for giving wings to my flighty dreams!  Much more to come.