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soundtrack to spring break

Vancouver's Alternative radio station has been the soundtrack to my Spring Break.  The narrative reflected in the melancholic muse of Adele, the energetic youthful vibe of Tegan and Sara and the steady, familiar rhythms of Mumford and Sons.  There have been unfortunate family issues, exciting new clients, and the welcome sight of old friends.  Being around people who know you - quirks and all - is a big long exhale when you didn't know you were holding your breath.
Inhale.  Hold. Exhale.
The kids and I broke out wellies and sunglasses, got out the GPS to navigate new overpasses and find the nearest Starbucks.  We ate sushi - from wooden boats, take-away containers, occassionally my purse - with forks and with chopsticks.  We stayed up far too late, enjoying the presence of our loved ones far too much to give in to sleep.  We got reaquainted with the ocean, bright green carpets of moss, the Ikea ballroom, traffic and over-priced parking.  And we have loved it all. 
There is not much better than returning to tour your hometown.  Like a sleep-deprived mother who, in her slumber, fails to daily recognize the dimpled hands of her newborn,  immune sometimes are we to the beauty that surrounds us. 
Wherever that might be.
Until we leave.