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kootenay family photographer; sweet.slight.smiley baby cohen

The sweetest, smiley-est baby I've met.  All chubby baby Cohen, 4mos, needed to coax a smile out of him was a big brother, a tickle or zerbert.   
He's not picky.
So happy for this family.  Cohen is 3rd boy, 4 and under in his household.  He is living up to birth-order which suggests 3rd children are more easy-going in nature - thank goodness! states Younger brothers of brothers are the most fearless of men. They like competition, sports, challenges, and thinking creatively. They travel further than their siblings and enjoy challenging established theories.
Sounds like a fun way to live!
As a 3rd child myself and recognizing myself in some of those characteristics,  I was curious to read about younger sisters of brothers.  About which I found my best match is an older brother of sisters - check!  And they are creative and rebellious - check, check!
What birth-order are you?  And are you consistent with it's suggested characteristics?
And can you believe baby Cohen is the slightest of his brothers - by far?
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