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kootenay family photographer; balloons, streamers & tears

This family is dear.  
I began photo-narrating their story years ago, when their youngest was just a babe, their oldest wasn't diagnosed and their dog hadn't been adopted.   It is always a joy to capture their girls' giggles, smiles and squeals.  Even if I have to do so at a run! 
Tulip the Labradoodle is a recent addition to the family and, to mom's dismay, visited the groomers the day before our shoot.  So much for her long, sheepdog coat!
The coiffed canine helped me learn how best to work with children and dogs. First, start with a mature and eternally grateful-to-be-rescued dog.  Next, run the dog beforehand until parched and tongue hanging out [dog preferrably, perhaps photographer as well].  Third, bring said slightly tired out dog in to distract children from their tears.
Voila; family portrait!
[Can you tell which girl likes having her picture taken?]