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kootenay photographer; miracles and friends and friends that are miracles

It's not everyday that you get to meet a miracle, let alone two or three!   And we have the priveledge of calling them - this adorable family - our friends. 
In fact, the hubs once rapped on their door - inspection for friends' new construction site - and we walked away neighbors!  We bought the house next door.
We enjoyed many ice-tea - or slight variation of - under covered veranda on hot summer evenings, borrowed cups of sugar and wrangled each other's rogue dogs.  It was the kind of neighborhood that shut down an alley to enjoy a block BBQ and pooled money for Halloween fireworks extravaganzas.  We were all new home owners, our first for many, and we enjoyed sharing our lives together.
So it was a collective shock when, after a seemless pregnancy, Brent nearly lost his beautiful Kristin in childbirth.  Although that is their story to tell, I can say that with a great amount of prayer, Kris survived.   She being the first miracle, and two more miracles added to their team which now include pensive Caleb, mischievious Carter and laid-back baby Cohen. 
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Thank you, Brent and Kris, for your friendship, for letting us buy the house next door, and for still extending friendship to the next generation.  It is the very essence of joy to see our children become friends as well.