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kootenay photographer; shack shoot - yellow brick road

Our little Shack Shoot became so much more than a personal project.  I nodded in appreciation of fellow photographer Sarah Rhoads' recent connection between the creative process and The Wizard of Oz.  Like Dorothy, we need friends to help us on our path. Whether that be to help us redirect when we loose our way, or help us learn from others' mistakes, it is important to include people in the process.   The road to Oz is a shared journey.
For there is nothing safe about being a creative. Creatives - in our pursuits - are bound to question heart, head and courage, despite being gifted with these qualities to begin with.
But, as Sarah writes, Oftentimes in this journey [we] feel a lot more like the Cowardly Lion rather than the brave leader on this road towards the "Wizard of Oz." What [we] have to keep reminding [ourselves] is the heart, the brain and the courage is within even when [we are] not keenly aware of it.... Sometimes it may be difficult in various seasons to see those attributes within, but [we] must remember they are there, and oftentimes seeing them manifest is a matter of stepping into fear and seeing your heart expand on the other side of things.
Ultimately this is a story about how life is always more about the journey than it is about the final destination. ... The destination is just one very small part of the journey to Oz.
Thank you for putting voice to this Sarah!
It seems so very pertinent when I reflect upon our yellow brick road.  What was intended to be a little lighting experiment with strangers grew into a momentous, inspiring, collaborative project between friends.   Our journey included still photography, cinematography, makeup artistry, hair styling, dress designing, quilt making, cake decorating, prop styling and wallpapering.  [Shout out to Small Town Frocks which designed a dress but we weren't able to accomodate.]
And now that this is the final Shack Shoot posting, I am free to venture out of doors and we can proceed with spring.  Thank God for darling buds of May! 
Ane travelling mercies for your road to Oz!
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