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Kootenay Wedding; Featured - Rock 'n Roll Bride!

I'm delighted to share that Alex and Kevin's FRESHwedd has been featured internationally by The Rock 'n Roll Bride!  British Kat Williams, aka the Rock n Roll Bride, describes her place in the wedding website industry as such " aim is to provide a little haven of kick ass weddingness in a cookie cutter, pastel ... wedding world. If you’ve ever picked up a bridal magazine and felt queasy, or trawled the internet and felt disheartened by what you didn’t find, well my friend you are in the right place!"  Please visit FRESH's feature on the RnRB HERE.
Alex and Kevin's Nelson nuptuals were very Rock 'n Roll in attitude!  But besides the colorful people and kick ass-attitude - as Kat would say - the family behind the imagery is facing some difficult battles.  If you're the praying type, please take a moment for Alex and Kevin and their family, currently facing more challenges than many of us will meet in a lifetime.  More trials than are prudent to share here.
Thank you for your enthusiasm for this adorable family and for sharing my delight in their Rock 'n Roll feature!