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kootenay family photographer: love wins

These 2 made me laugh and cry this morning.  Ryder [grade 1] came in our room early, rooster-tail-hair and already dressed.  Then his prayer request was that God make him listen.  Dear Lord please!  Then a lovely grandmotherly type had to tell me I'd be OK when we unfolded from a very tight hug, flooding my eyes and blurring my vision for a mommy moment.
 It's my first day of full-time school.  Except, it's not a full day.
Anais [grade 3] called her knee-high socks and boot combo The Irish Look.  Then she proceeded to tell Ryder that she would be looking out for him and kissed him, hand beneath his chin.
Oh my heart!
Nobody told me my heart would outgrow its cavity, witnessing my children's love for one another.  I feel today, that very moment, was the culmination of 8 years of parenting.  We can tell them to stop yelling, be kind, protect each other's heart.  We can demonstrate peace and love and understanding, in between the times we loose it ourselves.  But we don't know - until they initiate it on their own, practice it without being prompted, hug back when the other offers their arms - that they have chosen love.
That love wins in this place.