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kootenay wedding photographer; robyn . matt bridal portraits

May sleep envelop you as a bed sheet floating gently down, tickling your skin and removing every worry.
Reminding you to consider only this moment. - Jeb Dickerson
Matt + Robyn [aka Cow-Eyes] are hearts, personified.  Like chambers walking down the sidewalk or aorta's sitting around sipping coffee.
They were considerate when I forgot about my holiday plans. [Who forgets their holiday?]  They were concerned about my time.  And they were thumping wildly each time they looked each others' way.  A beautiful thing to see.
I also enjoyed Robyn's lengthy lashes [self-proclaimed, Cow-Eyes] and the way they sparkled and smiled.  She has proven herself a girl with great taste: first Matt, a kind and generous soul in lilac and grey, then that dress!  And shoes; can't forget the shoes.
With their help, I dressed a little shabby chic bed in a field of tall grass, sundried like her bridal bouquet, near the family property in Grand Forks.  There we were thrilled to bathe in golden light, the couple resting in each others' arms with a weeping willow overlooking it all.
These two lovelies, married this summer, are pursuing their education at UVIC but their Kootenay ties remain strong.  Their choice for Bridal Portraits reflect their active, outdoorsy lifestyle.  We were able to get adventurous, stopping when we saw something lovely and befitting like the shake and shingle home where an elderly man was watering the lawn, bewildered.  [I'd like to add, in his underwear, but that would be gratuitous.]
Stay tuned to see what else we came up with for this gorgeous twosome!